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Ok, details please

My day consisted of special time with my daughter walking then meeting up with 2 lovely friends, breakfast and a mall walk, my all new school run, seeing another dear friend, dealing with my delightful Daniel having the worst tantrum to date! Getting home and having some me time, to food shopping, home to cook, back to shop to return off salmon!  Then watching the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the second time.  Watched it last night for the first time and cried my eyes out!  Seriously one of the MOST beautiful movies ever!

All in all a good food day,  Had my Greenglory twice today!  2 small portions of Strawberries, a yummy healthy eggwhite, tomato, beef bacon brunchy breakfast and a slice of toast, orange juice and a capaccino, 2 seedy rusks, nice portion of brocolli, butternut and carrots for dinner (minus the salmon)  Tomorrow will aim for more lean protein.  A a proper workout… not just a walk.  But really chuffed and feel good!  (for the record, I plan to post on here daily now for the next seven days what i’m eating and doing – so incase I go quiet…. feel free to nudge me 🙂  )

While I’m not going to place my self worth in numbers, I am still going to post them here… Just to keep myself going and accountable.

As at 10pm on the 30 September,


91.7 kg
Bust 114cm
Waist 112cm
Arm(s) 35cm
Hips 115cm
Butt 118cm


It’s not about the numbers!

So here I sit, 30 September and haven’t posted since July.

I have really struggled to refocus and hit the same ‘high notes’ as I was hitting earlier in the year.  This is for many reasons.  In the physical it’s not really important….   What is important – is how we choose to deal with things and move forward.

You hear so often that it’s not what happens but our attitude towards it that defines us.  This has hit home to me louder over the last few months.

I have also found myself challenging myself as to the reasons behind wanting to lose weight. 

I didn’t do this to win the approval of people!  I didn’t do this because I hated myself!  I didn’t do this because I couldn’t accept me for me!

It’s because I love myself, that I decided to give myself an opportunity to focus on my health and lose weight.  Lose the same weight that in many ways was safe for me to carry because on some level it proved to me that people who love me, love me for me.  I don’t need this security any more!  I’m free of this weighty prison! I want to continue my journey to be as healthy as I can be.  To challenge myself to do new things and be a great example to my children of having an active lifestyle and fuller life.  In many ways I had given up on myself and my dreams before this journey began.  Every day following the GloryGirl guidelines and doing my workouts and filling my head and heart with The Word and positive thoughts, my dreams and positive people empowered me to keep going because I was proving something new to myself! 

So I want to shout out!  That this is not about the numbers!  This is not about the scale and what it tells me.  What is important is the condition of my heart! 

Now today I look at 1 October as my own mini challenge to myself.  To finish this year STRONGER!  Emotionally I’m in the right place and I’m going to do, what I set out to do on the 1 January 2012! 

Love me or leave me – I am me and what is important is what I believe about me!