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Refocussed and ready to ROCK!

So I woke up yesterday morning a bit shocked by my scale, it crept upto 90.7kg’s and with that shock I decided not to wait until next week to get back up…….  I refocussed immediately and so for 2 days now I have been training and eating like a pro…..

Amazing how much better I feel again, just knowing I’m fueling my body correctly…

As much as I enjoyed my indulgent couple of weeks……..  I feel even better knowing i’m refocussed and I am gonna rock the rest of July.

Watch this space 🙂

Birthday Done and Dusted

Sitting here a year older, but feeling better than I have in years! 

So for 2 months I haven’t posted, so sorry!  Physically stats wise I haven’t changed much…  (Lost some more, but after 3 weeks of festivites and allowing myself to indulge) I’ve regained the couple I lost… so sitting just below 90kg’s now. 

Not upset though, because I know what to do to get back on track and the excitement of kicking into ”high performance” next week is just motivation enough, to enjoy times like these… but perform when the time is here.

I celebrated my 28th Birthday this week and had a lovely birthday dinner, attended by most of the important people in my life, my mother, my sister both flew in from South Africa and my brother and his wife from Qatar… Just really meant alot that they made such an effort to be there!  My friends were amazing too and I was totally spoiled.  What made me even happier, was feeling amazing!  I know I’m not at my goal yet!  But I choose to celebrate the progress I’ve made and beginning this journey and sticking with it, is one of the BEST gifts I have ever given myself.