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As you know, I started April a bit deflated after gaining weight while on holiday.  I then challenged myself to go onto ”high performance” for the month of April to lose weight to get me out of the 90’s, as of Monday the 30th April, I weighed in at 89.7kg’s!  AND YES I never THRASHED the 90’s like I wanted to!  BUT I lost over 8kg’s during April!  I was unable to train for over 2 weeks and for that reason alone I am super proud to have achieved my goal for April!

It is so satisfying to achieve goals…  that you set for yourself.  Yes, others can plant the seed and challenge you, but unless you take it up for youself and challenge yourself – nothing will happen.

ALSO unless you think about what you want, and plan to achieve it, you never going to get there….

So I challenge you to think about these important questions, what do you want out of your life?  Are you where you want to be? What do you want to do differently?  What are your dreams?  Think about them… and start to manage your own little project plan with your life and set goals for yourself!  You can achieve anything you set your mind to! 

I cannot believe how different I feel about myself and I know that I am capable, I have always been capable – but I needed to believe that!