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The wardrobe

Ah I was about to go to bed…. then it dawned on me, how could I not post this on my blog?!

Today I decided to take all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore out my cupboard…  got a nice medium bag full!  It felt so amazing just removing them!  In December I was battling because all my clothes were TOO TIGHT on me and you know when you just feel horrific!  I felt so unattractive in December – and looking back at pics is a bit scary 🙂

I then decided to pull down my 4 full ”trash” bags that have my smaller sized clothing in, granted I’ve pulled 1 or 2 things out in the last 10 weeks… this time I pulled almost a third of my clothes out the bags and they fit me!!!!!!  I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful that feels.  That is a greater reward than any chocolate or piece of cake could ever be!

HUGE Milestone for me and even greater motivation for me to keep going!


A little but HUGE thing

So just this morning I was thinking WOW!  I’m really in a ”zone” with my training and eating.  Anyone who’s tried to follow a new eating plan or training schedule will know, it doesn’t just happen.  It won’t feel natural for a good few weeks…

If you persevere though, you will get into your zone or groove or whatever you like to refer to it as.

So while I’m thinking about the great ”place” that I’m in, I walk into Spinneys with my monkeys.  We go for the usual melon, that they love to eat while we out on a long walk.  Then we walked past the easter eggs display and a picture with Buzz lightyear got my attention.  My son is mad about Buzz and he woke up this morning all blocked up and not a happy camper.  So I thought this would really cheer him up to see Buzz.

So I show him and ofcourse he wants it…  they little mini eggs.  I reasoned with myself he’s not well, 1 or 2 eggs, he’ll enjoy and it’s their little treat.  Silencing that inner voice that says, ”Don’t do it, there’s quite a few more than 4 eggs in this packet, what will you do with the balance?  They can’t eat the whole packet! , Yes they can – over a few days. ”  Well off we go, embark on the balance of our long walk….  Kids really enjoyed their snack.  I then thought, ”wow, I don’t even want any of these eggs… right by my hand!” Then this internal debate started… ”Yes you do”, ”no you don’t” you get my drift?

By the end of my debate, I had eaten about 6 eggs…  4 remained.  I thought – gosh I got to get rid of them, so as I’m about to offer them to my kids, I stop myself and right then and there I threw the remaining eggs into the bush!!

It dawns on me…..  right at the beginning of my walk – I felt comfortable in this ”zone” and as much as that is a good thing.  It should not mean that I let my guard down.  Bad habits can creep in so quickly and I don’t want my children to battle with this area of their lives like I have.  Treating my children is providing them with healthy wholesome food and snacks and that’s the same for myself and husband.

So I was brought down to earth and humbled.

This is a daily choice, a daily decision to keep going forward, even when slip ups occur….  As much as you want to get into your ”zone”, focus on establishing a good foundation and create a plan to keep you getting back up and trying again!



Feb unveiled

Well I said February wasn’t the month I was hoping it would be.  However this is my achievement and change is not just going to happen overnight.  So I am pleased with my stats and I know that March is going to be a better month and it is already off to a great start.

We also going to Mauritius on holiday in 3 weeks and I am determined to keep mindful of my goals while on holiday.

So here are my stats.

  Start Stats New Stats
Date 1 Jan ‘12 3 Mar ‘12
Length 179 cm 179cm
Weight 107.2kg 98kg
Chest 125cm 112cm
R/Arm 41cm 36cm
L/Arm 40cm 34.5cm
Waist 126cm 117.5cm
Hips 122cm 116.5cm
R/Thigh 75cm 71.5cm
L/Thigh 75cm 71.5cm