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A new week, after quite a shocker…

So I haven’t posted for 10 days, which is exactly what I didn’t want.  Except when I’m having a rough time, I tend to go quiet…  Last week was one of my worst weeks.  However on Saturday night I did a full 180 turn (why do people say full 360 – they land up at exactly the same spot?  or am I missing something?)  I put my bad week behind me and made a decision to start fresh on Sunday morning.

That saw me rushing back to fitcamp at 5am in the morning, only to get there and it was cancelled.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise though, cos I was able to get a head start on the day and do my grocery shopping at 7am.

That enabled me to restock my fridge with fresh healthy food.

So far this week, I’m having a great time!  Great workouts, eating 100% clean, to plan and even though my husband is away, my kids and I are having a happy time together.  My horrible week feels like a distant memory.

Life doesn’t promise to be smooth sailing, happy and just right all the time, but you control yourself and your thoughts – which will create your emotions.  You have the ability to choose…  Or stop yourself when you feel that downward spiral or loss of control.

You can choose to align your actions and thoughts with your goal!  I must say I feel really chuffed with myself for putting my bad week behind me.  Daily though I choose to keep making healthy choices and workout even at 10.30pm at night if I didn’t get a chance earlier.

I can do this!


Great start to week 7 !!

WOW a week since my last update.  All in all had a really good week last week.  My weight hasn’t changed much but my measurements are improving.  So I’m going to focus on the positive and claim it as a victory.  At the same time I’m upping things a notch, can feel myself getting stronger during my workouts and that is just so motivating! 

So my new week, which started today has started off great!  At 4.45am I woke up to get to FITCAMP (Fleur would be so proud of me 🙂  )  and I really enjoyed it.  I started going to fitcamp in August 2008 and did it for a couple of months then I fell pregnant with Daniel.  Then after Daniel I went back once before I realised I was pregnant AGAIN!  🙂  Was so good to see Jordan again and just get my workout done before I’d normally even be awake! 

I’m lucky cos I am a morning person, but since having children and broken sleep it hasn’t always been wonderful to wake up early.  I plan to change that……    When I got home Gary and I went for a walk with the monkeys, so a great start! OH and did I mention GreenGlory is going down MUCH better since having it with milk instead of water and a tsp of cocoa, just to take the edge off!

So a month to go till my dream holiday in Mauritius, really want to be 10kgs lighter by then, so – watch this space 🙂

Have a great week, chat soon !


Reality Check blahhhhhhhhhh

Ok I’m going to come right out and say this, I am dreading my reality check of weighing and measurements this week!  I feel disappointed, probably been my worst couple of days in 2012 – nutrition wise…  And just letting old habits creep in (like skipping meals).  Also with my neck I missed quite a few of my workouts…  😦  But you know what there’s something to learn in this!

In my head things are black and white, very polarised –  so either good or bad and it’s imperative that when I do slip up and make bad choices that the very next meal I pick myself up and make it a clean, nutritious meal!  No need to beat myself up.  No need to let my critical voice get louder and weigh me down.

This week I need to refocus and just put my head down and do it.  I know the reward is going to be so satisfying and motivating!

Ups & Downs

This thing called life is funny!  🙂  Yesterday was such a great day and this afternoon I was left feeling a little disappointed.  When my kids don’t nap on time…  my afternoons are challenging.  When I’m feeling stressed or tense, infact – actually when I’m happy, sad, bored, lonely (is a big one) and just blah, my first instinct is to eat.

Just eat that emotion right up!  Especially if it’s a negative one.  I like to be positive and happy but when that starts going south, rather than acknowledge my feeling and just deal with it…  I eat it!

We are all going to have our ”moments” but the key is being able to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back on the bus.

So I haven’t had the greatest afternoon but I’m not going to beat myself up and give up!

NO!  I’m not going to give up…  🙂


My first GreenGlory day!

It’s 7am and my little alarm ”clocks” start calling for mommy on time!  Normally it’s hard to get out of bed but I’ve had just over 5 hours sleep and this morning it was extra tough. 

Last night I had my coaching session, I love my coaching sessions, I seem to get this extra big boost and feel even more inspired than before to keep going on.  I also was able to get my Lean 95, which I will refer to as greenglory… it’s an amazing protein supplement and it’s completely natural.  Moving forward I will be starting my day with the greenglory, so without delay, as soon as I got downstairs – I mixed it and took a sniff.  Let me just say it is interesting and I will probably never get used to the taste.  But I’ve heard amazing things about this and I’ve bought it, so I will focus on the bigger picture and drink up!

My day with 2 toddlers can be very entertaining and usually when I start the day sleep deprived, it’s entertaining for my neighbours who I’m sure can hear me when negotiations between mommy and monkeys takes place.  Today was different though, I felt like I was in a completely different space.  I also think my greenglory lived up to expectations and gave me an extra boost, because by midday when my kids have a nap, I would collapse on my bed and nap.  However I really did not feel that tired and actually proceeded to ”play”  (otherwise referred to as exercise).  I didn’t do any hectic total body workout, cos I’m easing my neck into this after my out of actions couple of days due to my severe neck muscle spasms.  But I focussed on my lower body and did some cardio and managed to burn 550 calories.  So I am impressed with my performance today.

Also made some clean lasagne for dinner, will need to post some pics of this too.  It is delicious and healthy.  It’s a lovely comfort food during the cooler weather too.

All in all a really good day, been focussed and happy.  Enjoyed playing with my kids too when they woke up and that really makes my heart happy!

Over and out. xoxo


I’ve dreamt so long about being the size I used to be.  I have allowed my memories to be greater than my dreams.  I’m excited to say that is no longer the case.  On the first day of 2012 I started my GloryGirls journey and my expectations for the future are HUGE!

This blog is going to be my way of keeping myself accountable, first and foremost to myself but also to you.

This is the part where I’m going to cringe but I’m going to post my figures anyway.  The part that makes me cringe, is that I’ve done this to myself.  I ate what I wanted, much more than I needed whenever I wanted.

  Start Stats New Stats
Date 1 Jan ‘12 4Feb‘12
Length 179cm 179cm
Weight 107.2kg 99.7kg
Chest 125cm 117cm
R/Arm 41cm 35cm
L/Arm 40cm 34cm
Waist 126cm 120cm
Hips 122cm 123cm
R/Thigh 75cm 72cm
L/Thigh 75cm 72cm

The part that makes me smile – Is that I have chosen to change.

I am absolutely delighted that I have broken the 100kg milestone in 5 weeks!  Every day I keep choosing to make healthy choices, is an accomplishment and this becomes more natural to me.  I have found myself asking myself why would I go back to my old habits when eating healthy good food and moving my body makes me feel so great.

It’s like my body says to me, ”I promise you, when you eat enough healthy food and get moving – I WILL react positively!”




I cordially invite you to witness my journey of dreaming new dreams while I put my training shoes on and get moving!

First into the kitchen (where I believe real abs are made) and then into any space where burpees and jumping jacks are do-able.

I promise to be real about my challenges.  I promise to be ME.


This is my first blog.  I’m new to this.  It’s not going to be too ”pretty” and I make no apology for that  🙂